Company history

At the beginning – february 10th 2005

Our company’s history starts at February 10th 2005, with minimal required authorized capital and just one PC. These years Amurzerno’s business mostly consists of containing and shipment grocery for national needs: grain, floor, cereals, meat and fish conserves. Because of working with state, our first priority was both to store necessary grocery and to deliver it just in time.


And this mission wasn’t easy. Khabarovsk region doesn’t produce grain, rice, buckwheat. In Siberia, main agricultural regions are far away – Altay, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk regions. Just look at the world map to imagine these distances! To deliver goods from these regions to Khabarovsk region, you have to move them from different stations and granaries, using two trans-regional railroads, West-Siberian and Far Eastern. Our efforts were awarded by national award ‘Supplier for national needs’ in 2009.

Also Amurzerno was making shipments from neighboring Amur region. That was shipment of grain for major regional poultry farms and cattle producers in Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk-na-Amure, Mikhailovskiy Broiler (Primorskiy Region), for large pig farming complex ‘Agroenergo’.

And else we produced grain floor in Komsomolsk-na-Amure. Mostly this floor was shipped to fulfill national emergency reserves, and some part has been sold to China.

2007 – new challenges

deliver grain to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy

In 2007 Amurzerno was requested to deliver grain to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. It was even more challenging logistic mission, because this city is located in Kamchatka peninsula, and only adequate way to deliver it is naval way – just look at world map again. Also, shipments of grain for this city were only available in 20-feet containers, which makes it all even more expensive.

Amurzerno accepted this challenge, and in close cooperation with Vladivostok Port, Far Eastern Railway and Fetexim expedition company we did it together. Even more, we did it by bulkers instead of 20-feet containers, as no one did before. Noted close cooperation allowed us to deliver grain in train cars directly to port, bulk it into bulkers and ship to port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. This achievement make us especially proud. Even today, in 2020, Vladivostok Port is only one port in Russia, which allows to deliver grain by bulkers using direct train-bulker logistics line.

2008 – export to Japan

export to Japan

Next year, 2008, brings us new level of this experience – international level. Amurzerno completed Fetexim’s request to deliver 1500 tons of grain into Japan. It was beginning of Russian grain exports into Japan. Later Russian Government called this way ‘Far Eastern grain corridor’, and Japanese company ‘Marubeni’ becomes a long-time partner of Amurzerno.

2009 – bought a poultry farm ‘Komsomolskaya’

bought a poultry farm 'Komsomolskaya'

In 2009 Amurzerno bought a poultry farm ‘Komsomolskaya’. In 2010-2020 decade this farm has been completely upgraded, making a comfortable workplaces for a high-quality staff. This factory produces 135M of chicken eggs per year.

2019 – bought a poultry farm ‘Khabarovsky’

Another poultry farm, ‘Khabarovsky’, bought in 2019, produces 160M of chicken eggs per year, and these two farms made Amurzerno a major all-chicken producer in Khabarovsk region, both in chicken meat and eggs.

Amurzerno today


New decade brings new ambitious goals. Amurzerno plans to create a large-scale ‘AgroHub’ in Khabarovsk region, for both local market and export into China and other Southeast-Asian countries. This project attracted Russian Government’s attention, and has been included into national program for Far East development. AgroHub project includes large storages for all local agricultural grocery, sorting and package facilities, major trading floor. Following the plans of Russian Finance Ministry, AgroHub project completion should raise local vegetables production up to 25%.

And last, but not least – Amurzerno team consists of no more than 15 people, real professionals, proud to be part of company, in-time cooperating with our partners and doing great job for themselves, company and nation.