Exports of wheat,
barley, corn, soybeans

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Strategies for the development of the grain complex of the Russian Federation until 2025 and for the future until 2030

Russia takes back good reputation and leading positions in grain exports. Following national grain production strategy till 2025 and till 2030 Russian Ministry of Agriculture aims at markets of Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific – regions where population grows fast and requests more and more food.

Amurzerno LLC has been exporting grain since 2008

Amurzerno LLC presents on grain export market since 2008, when our first contract with Marubeni Corp. (Japan) was signed and successfully completed. It wasn’t ordinary contract – at first time grain was delivered from Russia to Japan without using 20ft containers, only by bulkers. Our cooperation continues until present time, proving quality of Russian grain, not only its good prices.

Amurzerno LLC exports grain through Vladivostok port. Japan isn’t our only exports way – we also aim at markets of China, North Korea, Thailand, Vietnam.

Basic shipments conditions – FOB Vladivostok. Other INCOTERMS 2020 options are available (FAS, CFR, CIF).

Exports of wheat, barley, corn, soybeans

We mentioned that Amurzerno LLC was first to export grain by bulkers, without using more expensive 20ft containers. That’s how we do it.

First, grain is being shipped to Vladivostok port, by trucks or train cars. As you may know, there isn’t a grain terminal in Vladivostok port. We made an advantage of this problem.

We developed a direct wagon-bulker load method. Wagon is being carried by port crane just over a ship hold, then wagon’s lower cargo hatches are opening, and grain bulks into ship hold in minutes.

This way makes load much faster and cheaper.

Grain export volumes

export for 2015-2019

Grain, shipped by Amurzerno LLC, don’t need any refinements because of unique Siberian ecology and climate. Of course, we provide all necessary quality certificates for exported grain.

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